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We are happy to announce that our annual seminar “Elite Athletic Development System” this year will to be held in Thessaloniki, Greece, at the Nikopolis Resort and Spa, on July 1 &2 2017.

Our elite speakers will cover some of the basic and advanced training techniques that we use daily with our athletes, at our facility in Athens and with elite teams around the world. The seminar will focus in the analysis of the scientific base of our techniques and methods, but will also include many practical sessions, where we will demonstrate exercise progressions, teach proper exercise techniques and proper movement skills and biomechanics.

The seminar is addressed not only to coaches and trainers that work with athletes or sports teams, but also to fitness professionals working with different type of clients. In an era where techniques and methods for competitive sport are increasingly used in fitness, the seminar will give personal trainers and professionals that work with non-athletes valuable tools, organized in a system, that will help them train their clients effectively and safely.

** All the presentation will be in Greek, but there will be professional simultaneous translation in English.


The Seminar


Speed : 
Linear Speed and Acceleration are some of the most crucial qualities that an athlete must posses in most sports. Therefore, we will analyze the basics of our philosophy regarding program design, exercise progression and periodization, in order to build a structured speed development program. At the practical sessions, we will teach proper acceleration biomechanics as they relate to team sports, the proper use of equipment such as resistance bands, sleds etc. and we will teach exercises progressions according to age and level.

Agility :
Just like speed, agility is one of the fundamental skills that define athleticism. Continuing from linear speed development, we will discuss all aspects of multidirectional speed and agility development, exercise progression, programming and application of various methods in every day practice.

Strength and Power :
Strength is the basis for almost every physical performance characteristic and a main contributor to injury prevention. In a series of presentations we will analyze the force velocity-curve and understand how it can become a valuable tool in exercise and loading parameters selection (e.g. sets, reps, speed of movement etc). At the practical section, we will teach basic progressions in fundamental exercises (e.g. various Olympic lifts) and will build progressions for all athletes of all levels and skill.
In a separate talk, we will analyze how strength training contributes to injury prevention and we will present our unique muscle activation and isometric exercise philosophy, with a detailed reference in anatomy and muscle function.

Functional Training :
The term has been used for many years to describe sometimes different forms of exercise and training methods. We will see what the true definition of functional exercise is and we will explore common problems and misconceptions regarding this type of training. We will analyze basic exercises regarding biomechanics, forces etc. and explore ways in which we can adapt them in rehabilitation, as well as injury prevention programs.

Youth Training :
As an increasing number of young athletes engage in organized athletic development training, it is vital to understand the special characteristics of each age group and the implications in training. We will talk about our youth development system the we have been implementing for more than a decade and we will explore the techniques of basic exercises and how they can be tailored to the needs of each age group.

Programming :
The most frequent question, especially from young coaches, is how do we combine all these methods and techniques in a coherent program, in order to maximize performance and avoid injury. Therefore, the last presentation of the seminar we be deticated to the analysis of the basics of programming and periodization. We will discuss the process of exercise and load selection according to each season and according to the level and goals of each athlete/client.

Who is it for?

- Strength and Conditioning Coaches
- Coaches
- Personal Trainers
- Anyone involved in rehabilitation
- Students


Saturday 1 July 2017

9:00-9:45 Kostas Chatzichristos
 Performance22 Training System, Principles and their Application in Sport & Fitness.

Petros Syrakopoulos

 Understanding the Force - Velocity Curve: The Key in Designing Strenght & Power Programs.
11:10-12:30 Petros Syrakopoulos
 Teaching Basic Strenght & Power Techniques (Emphasis on Olympic Lifts).
13:30-14:30 Giorgos Vitkas
 Strenght Training in Developmental Ages.
14:40-15:50 Kostas Chatzichristos
Theory & Practice
 Functional Training : Application in Sport & Common Misunderstandings.
16:00-17:00 Athanasios Chatzinikolaou
 Strenght as Major Determinant of Injury Prevention 

Sunday 2 July 2017

9:00-10:10 Kosmas Kontogiannis
Theory & Practice
 Application of Positional Isometrics  and Muscle Activation Techniques in Warm Up & Rehabilitation.
10:20-11:45 Yiannis Kotsis
 Linear Speed Development for Team Sports: Training Methodology & Programming.
11:50-13:45 Yiannis Kotsis
 Linear Speed Progressions: Teaching Movement and the use of Various Methods in Practice.

Nikos Papavasiliou
Theory & Practice

 Agility - Movement Technique, Exercise Progression & Programming.
15:10-16:20 Kostas Chatzichristos
Theory & Practice
 Plyometrics: Classification of Exercise and it's Application According to Age & Level.
16:30-17:30 Kostas Chatzichristos
 Putting it all together: Combining Techniques & Methods in order to optimize Performance

• Seminar notes will be provided upon registration (in English).
• A certificate of attendance will be given to all participants at the end of the seminar.
• At Lunch Break we will provide a light meal. However, there are plenty of alternative choices either in the hotel or at restaurant and malls around the venue.
• Each participant will receive a complementary T Shirt (please state you size at the registration form).

All talk will be simultaneously translated in English!

Refund Policies

The following refund of the total sum will be given according to the cancellation date:

1 June : 100%
15 June : 50%
25 June : 25%
After 25 June : 0%



kostas-semKostas Chatzichristos, MEd, CSCS
Head Performance Specialist
CSKA Moscow

Kostas Chatzichristos is the co - founder and head athletic development specialist of Performance22. Currently he is the head Athletic Development Coach at the Russian basketball powerhouse CSKA Moscow and is also actively involved in the development of Performance22. Regarded as one of the pioneering athletic development coaches in Europe, Kostas has worked with elite athletes on both sides of the Atlantic. Previously, he has served as the head strength and conditioning coach for the University of Georgia Men's Basketball and the Greek professional basketball teams Olympiacos BC and Panionios BC.
The need to create an ideal environment where athletes of all levels can maximize their talent led Kostas to found Performance22, an integrated training, rehab and medical facility in his native Athens, Greece. Soon, through his work with elite players from the Greek Men's and Women's National Team, NBA prospects and elite athletes of many sports, P22 was established as the premier destination for athletic development in Europe.
Kostas is a frequent speaker at national and international educational events and is often published in journals and the web.
He is a graduate of the The University of Athens, where he earned a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition from The University of Texas at Austin.

petros-semPetros Syrakokpoulos
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Trikala BC

Petros has been a member of Performance22 coaching staff since 2012. He is considered to be one of the foremost experts in strength development in Greece, having implemented innovative techniques and methods with athletes of all levels. In past two years he has also served as a strength and conditioning coach in Greece’s professional basketball teams of Arkadikos BC (2015 – 2016) and Trikala (2016 -2017), which both competed in the Greek A1 BasketLeague.
Petros is a graduate of The University of Athens, Physical Education Department, remarkably achieving the highest grade in the Department’s history. Currently, he is working towards his Master’s Degree at the University of Thrace with a specialization in “Maximizing Athletic Performance”.


kotsis-semYannis Kotsis
Head Exercise Physiologist
Panathinaikos FC

Yannis is an exercise physiologist and performance specialist with a specialization in football. Currently he is serving as the Head Exercise Physiologist and Sport Nutritionist at the Greek professional football club Panathinaikos FC. Previously, he had successfully held the same position at the National Team of Greece, having participated in the most memorable moments in Team Greece’s history: The World Cup in South Africa in 2010, in the 2012 Euro in Poland-Ukraine and the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. Yannis has held similar positions in other professional teams in Greece, notably in AEK FC and he has also served as a technical director at Ajax International Academy in Greece.
At Performance22, Yannis is the Director of Soccer Performance and Head of Sport Nutrition and is actively involved in structuring return to play traning programs. He also owns his own office in ABN Clinic in Glyfada, Greece, were he works individually with elite athletes, in the areas of sport testing, exercise prescription and sport nutrition.
Yannis is a Doctorate Candidate at the Harokopion in Exercise Biochemistry and has been published in scientific journals. He is a frequent speaker in national and international conferences, as well as a contributor in various publications about nutrition and training.

thanasis-semAthanasios Chatzinikolaou, Phd
University of Thrace

Thanassis is an Assistant Professor in Strength and Conditioning at Democritus University of Thrace. Concurrently with his academic carrier, Thanassis has also served as a strength and conditioning coach  and consultant in basketball teams of various levels, working with youth as well as professional athletes.
He has many publications in scientific journals related to strength development, performance enhancement in team sports and basketball in particular. Thanassis is a member of the Greek Basketball Coaches Association and the Greek Society of Biochemistry and Exercise Physiology.


papavasileiou-semNikos Papavasiliou
Performance Coordinator

Nikos has been a member of the Performance22 team since 2008.
As a former track and field champion in the 100 m sprint, he has used his experience in high level sports to inspire and lead his athletes to achieve amazing results.
Nikos has considerable experience in team settings, having served as an assistant strength & conditioning coach at Panionios BC Men's Basketball and as head strength and conditioning coach at sevaral A1 and A2 women's teams in Greece.
Nikos most notable work at Performance22 involves training elite basketball youth male and female basketball players and leading specialized camps. He is also the head of the Performance22 intern and mentorship programs.
Nikos is a graduate of the University of Romania Physical Education and has authored articles in coaching publications.

Kosmas Kontogiannis
Manual Therapist

Kosmas has been a member of Performance22’s medical and performance staff since 2008. As a manual therapist and rehabilitation expert, his interest lay at the combination of Eastern and Western medicine techniques , as well as proper exercise progressions and correct biomechanics in order to  treat muscle-skeletal injuries. He has extensive experience in manual therapeutic techniques and the application of isometric exercise for muscle activation. Kosmas has worked with many elite athletes, as well as athletes of all ages and levels, in team and private settings, helping them recover from injury and maximize their performance.


vitkas-semGiorgos Vitkas
Performance Specialist

Giorgos is a performance specialist with a specialization in youth athletic development. He is the Performance22’s representative in the city of Thessaloniki. Apart from working with with youth as well as professional athletes, Giorgos has been acting as a strength and conditioning coach in youth competitive basketball teams, such a PAOK, GBA Academy and to men’s and women’s basketball teams in the city. (MENT KALAMARIA).
He is a graduate of the University of Thessaloniki, Department in Physical Education, specializing in basketball coaching and sports management. Giorgos’ is post graduate degree holder in Exercise and Wellness and a Doctorate candidate at University of Thrace, with a research interest in the effects of competition training load in a basketball microcycle. He has authored many articles related in youth training, long term athlete development and training periodization.

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