Performance22 is an integrated rehabilitation and performance training center that offers elite training, injury care and orthopedic services to athletes of all levels, under one roof and one philosophy.

Initially founded as a performance training center by athletic development specialist Kostas Chatzichristos, Performance22 soon became the primary destination for elite athletes from Greece and Europe that wanted to maximize their athleticism, improve their skills and skyrocket their carriers.

Through our work with injured athletes, it soon became apparent that there was a need to integrate medical and rehabilitation care with elite performance training. To be most effective, therapy and training must be combined into a seamless system, with a multidisciplinary and personalized approach.

Therefore, we partnered with elite physiotherapists Grigoris Gonidakis, Giorgos Vassiolpoulos, as well as Dr. Alexakis, one of the most renowned orthopedic surgeons in Europe. By adding a state of the art rehabilitation center to the existing performance training facility, we are now able to care for any athlete from the first moment of injury until his or her return to action.

Our seamless system of medical diagnosis, therapy and training allows us to maximize our effectiveness, by eliminating the all too often communication breakdowns and differences in philosophy between the doctor, therapists and the performance coaches that undermine improvement.


maxresdefault"I have been training with Kostas since my first professional season. Every summer I keep coming back to P22 to recover, recharge and prepare for another tough year."


Stratos Perperoglou, Anandolou Efes, Team Greece


 World Class Facilities

Located in the Athens Olympic Stadium, main venue for the 2004 Athens Olympics, Performance22 offers access to world class facilities, providing athletes with an ideal environment to develop all aspects to improve their performance.



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For information on our programs please send us an email at: or call us at +30 210 68 41 907
Olympic Tennis Center, Amarissias Artemidos & Pittara, OAKA, 15123, ATHENS, GREECE


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con address Olympic Tennis Center, Amarissias Artemidos & Pittara, OAKA, 15123, ATHENS, GREECE

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